American Provider Community

"It's as easy as APC"

Our Goal

We eliminate the Administrative burden. Dedicated to getting providers back to what they do best... caring for their patients.

Who We Are

A patient-centric community comprised of like-minded healthcare professionals dedicated to eliminating red tape and providing unparalleled excellence in care.

APC Three Step Process:

  1. Provider Receives Agreement
  2. Provider Reviews & Signs the Agreement
  3. Provider is Active with APC
    • Patients are routed to provider for services

What Can You Expect

Rapid Payment

No Cost To You

Simplified Enrollment Process

Quick & Painless On-boarding

Nearly Immediate Effective Date


A Nationwide Community

Electronic Funds Transfer

Additions to Your Patient Panel

Social Media Spotlights

Member Testimonial

Our family of eight has delivered four children, had 18 various broken bones, four extended hospitalizations, five various surgical procedures and more doctor and specialist visits than one can count on all of our 160 fingers and toes. All of our eligible medical needs have been taken care of through the membershare programs, discounts, negotiations and other sources. Our doctors and facilities are part of the list of affiliated providers in and out of state. Thank you for making my family’s good health a reality.